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Fans of rhythm action games. [entries|friends|calendar]
Rhythm action

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[07 Jun 2011|10:39pm]

Hey, comm!

I wrote an article on the top 10 moments at Nintendo's E3 conference, including a blurb about the newly announced Rhythm Heaven Wii! I'm pretty proud of this article, so please take a look!

Part 1: http://netbug-games.blogspot.com/2011/06/10-most-exciting-moments-at-nintendos.html

Part 2: http://netbug-games.blogspot.com/2011/06/10-most-exciting-moments-at-nintendos_07.html
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Saying Hello [03 Mar 2011|10:15am]

[ mood | awake ]

Even though this community is dead, I am not, lol.

For one, DJ Hero 2 is also a lot of fun.

And for the DS, Ontanarama = holy CRAP. Challenging rhythm action game, no matter the silly cartoon images.

Anyone else come across good RAction games, lately?

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DJ Hero - Weigh in! [30 Nov 2009|01:05pm]

Sorry if I missed this topic - it wasn't on any recent entries. Just bought Dj Hero and I think it blows the tired, old guitar games out of the water. FINALLY, rhythm action is fun again! Takes me back to the unique trance of Amplitude for PS2 and is actually *challenging*!

And of course - I love the music. The Guitar Hero/Rock Band genres were driving me insane.

What are your thoughts?!
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Parappa Shirt [06 May 2009|11:26am]

@ Hot Topic

click here

Hope people buy it so Hot Topic can see there is interest,
then they can release more Parappa shirts and maybe even other rhythm action type of game shirts.
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Hey all! [23 Mar 2009|05:13pm]

If you like Parappa the Rapper and cute hats, check out my one-of-a-kind hand-made Parappa the Rapper hat!

It even has his ears to go over your ears and keep them warm :D

Photobucket (btw, the froggy logo isn't crooked, I accidently placed the whole hat on the mannequin a little crooked X( )

Parappa Hat!

(sorry if this isn't allowed, I will delete the post if it isn't)
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Hey [11 Aug 2008|03:29pm]

Does anyone know where they can find a plushie of Katy Kat in her MilkCan band clothes online?
My friend and I have been looking for one for AGES. (we both adore Katy Kat from Um Jammer Lammy).
If anyone knows where they can find one, send me a message with a link to where I can find one or whatever and I'll gladly appreciate it.
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Hey guys [05 Aug 2008|10:42pm]

I don't know if advertising groups is allowed (I'm new to your community) but if you like roleplaying and LOVE PaRappa/Um Jammer Lammy, you can visit my community at: http://community.livejournal.com/milkcan_live/ 
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[28 Jul 2008|07:25am]

My local Gameworks recently imported a few rhythm games. The high point of these is a Taiko No Tatsujin 9, but there are two games I don't recognize. Can anyone here let me know what these games are called?

1) An obvious Guitar Freaks knock-off, but you're playing a shamisen. Instead of three fret buttons, there are three parts of the (very long) neck; instead of a picking lever, there are some strings that you pluck with an attached bachi.

2) An equally-obvious Samba De Amigo knock-off, but you're shaking a single tambourine instead of two maracas.

I couldn't find any company logos on the machines, but I'm guessing they're both by Namco.
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hai there! [21 Jul 2008|01:44am]

[ mood | anxious ]

just joined.
I love games like DDR and GH. I'm about to get into Space Channel 5.

there's a bid on ebay (not mine) for Space Channel 5: Special Edition! it's going for $2 now ($5 for shipping). someone please bid!! (I bid when I didn't really need to.... so yeah. someone please outbid me.)


I can tell this game will be awesome win. chu chu chu!!

so how about I started playing DDR again finally? I love DDRMAX so much.

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Retro gaming FTW! [12 Mar 2008|12:51am]

[ mood | amused ]

Wow. Some crazy fan has made a version of Guitar Hero... for the Commodore 64. Video part one, part two.

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Кибер-dance [11 Dec 2007|09:39pm]


Чемпионат — по Pump It Up (PIU) в «Crazy Park». Золото досталось Москве и Киеву.
( подробнее )
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Guitar Hero 3 is made of ass. [09 Dec 2007|12:44am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Guitar Hero III SUCKS.

We decided to ignore all the people who were telling us not to bother getting it, because Rock Band won't be out in Europe until next year sometime and we need something new to play in the meantime. But, oh my god, it's bad. The new developer has wrecked Harmonix' work! There I was thinking they'd keep the same engine and just fit some new songs on it...

I mean, these games are called rhythm action, right? Doesn't that mean you're supposed to play notes in time with the music? Well, in Guitar Hero III, PAL edition, you have to play the notes a second or two early and wait for the song to catch up. What the fuck? Also, the sound quality is crap. We have our PS2 wired through our stereo, so listen to everything through proper expensive speakers, and we were sitting there going "is the stereo on?" because it sounded like it was coming through the TV. It's like Pop n' Music 6, where they tried to cram too many songs onto the CD and compressed them to hell. Ugh.

Richard is now playing the original Guitar Hero, because in his words, "At least if you miss a note you know why". Meanwhile, I'm looking up whether it's true that the PS3 has no region locking, because if so, I'll be importing the US version of Rock Band tomorrow.

And here is an xkcd strip that I'd been meaning to post anyway. Seems particularly appropriate considering the shitness of the PAL GH3. Just press all the buttons randomly, it might work better than trying to play the damn thing in time...

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[28 Feb 2007|07:33pm]

Hi! I have a copy of Unison for sale for the Japanese PS2.

It's used, but in excellent condition. Only played a couple of times. PLEASE make sure you have a system that can play import games!!! This is a JAPANESE VERSION and only works on Japanese PS2 or modded systems!

Price would be 12$ shipped to the US. I also ship to Canada, it would be 14$ for Canada. Paypal perferred, money order accepted. I only ship to the US and canada, sorry! Thanks for looking 8D!
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make a Guitar Hero controller from a real guitar! [15 Dec 2006|03:32pm]


How-To: Build Your Own Custom Full-Sized Wireless Guitar Hero Controller. In other words, how to cross the controller with a real guitar.

Requires serious tool & electronics competence, but fortunately I already know someone with those skills...
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Goodbye Lik-Sang, we loved you. [31 Oct 2006|02:05pm]

[ mood | sad ]

If this news is true, it really sucks: Lik-Sang.com forced to close down due to multiple Sony lawsuits. The hypocrisy of the Sony Europe execs who bought PSPs from them? "Investigatory purposes" MY ARSE!

The reason I'm not sure if it's true is that the date given is Tuesday 24th October, and I'm sure I've had emails about new products from them that I deleted since then. Also the address of the page to get refunds is at www.ljk-sang.com, which seems more like a spoof page to collect Paypal login info than a genuine address. But several major gaming sites have the news: Gizmodo, Eurogamer and The Register.

Now where will we go for our Japanese rhythm action games?!

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[12 Aug 2006|10:53am]

hey! go play rhythm tengoku for the gameboy advance, from the makers of wario ware.

delicious rhythm minigames

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