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Guitar Hero 3 is made of ass.

Guitar Hero III SUCKS.

We decided to ignore all the people who were telling us not to bother getting it, because Rock Band won't be out in Europe until next year sometime and we need something new to play in the meantime. But, oh my god, it's bad. The new developer has wrecked Harmonix' work! There I was thinking they'd keep the same engine and just fit some new songs on it...

I mean, these games are called rhythm action, right? Doesn't that mean you're supposed to play notes in time with the music? Well, in Guitar Hero III, PAL edition, you have to play the notes a second or two early and wait for the song to catch up. What the fuck? Also, the sound quality is crap. We have our PS2 wired through our stereo, so listen to everything through proper expensive speakers, and we were sitting there going "is the stereo on?" because it sounded like it was coming through the TV. It's like Pop n' Music 6, where they tried to cram too many songs onto the CD and compressed them to hell. Ugh.

Richard is now playing the original Guitar Hero, because in his words, "At least if you miss a note you know why". Meanwhile, I'm looking up whether it's true that the PS3 has no region locking, because if so, I'll be importing the US version of Rock Band tomorrow.

And here is an xkcd strip that I'd been meaning to post anyway. Seems particularly appropriate considering the shitness of the PAL GH3. Just press all the buttons randomly, it might work better than trying to play the damn thing in time...
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hmmm... weird. my GHIII works great, much better than GHII in fact, but ROCK BAND seems a second off... both are on the 360.

i eff up nearly every song on rock band... though the third time i calibrated it, it seemed to 'work' as i've been doing much better since.
Isn't there some sort of calibration you can use in the options...?
That's what I assumed. It seems almost pivotal to have timing correction options nowadays for any rhythm-intensive game.
I have no problems with GH3, on my U.S. PS2.

Could this be a video issue? What kind of TV are you using?

Then again, this could be a PAL issue, which is why us Region 1 folks don't have problems.

(As for the audio quality being crap...yeah, the earlier GH titles had the same issues, although perhaps not as badly.)
I've played it on the XBOX360.... haven't had a problem yet. Both games are really awesome. I have a feeling it might be the older system.... or Sony in general. As much as I love them.... they kinda fail at life.