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Fans of rhythm action games.

The place for discussing music games.

Rhythm action
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This community is for the discussion of the type of video game known as "rhythm action" and "music" games. Whether you usually play at the arcade or on a console at home, we're interested in all of these mad Japanese-style games. Some of the game titles you can talk about are Dance Dance Revolution, Dancing Stage, Donkey Konga, Frequency, Amplitude, Space Channel 5, Parappa the Rapper, Vib Ribbon and Samba De Amigo - also any of the (enormous) Bemani series of games by Konami. Talk about games you like, controllers that look & feel right, and good places to buy import games - also feel free to ask about any of the above and maybe someone will know the answer!

The only thing we ask is that you do not post "advocacy" - i.e. please do not make posts saying "x game/system is crap" with no proper reasons. Thanks, and enjoy the community!